Mya Lee Skincare's Vitamin Infused Toner is the ultimate toner for any skin type offering an abundance of benefits. Rich in various vitamins and minerals, the result will be skin that is balanced, nourished, and protected. Suitable for any skin type, a toner, depending on the formula has multiple uses. Oily skin types use a toner to strip any excess sebum production that has made its way to the surface of the skin. Normal to dry skin types may use a toner when a deeper clean is desired after cleansing.



  • Soothes and smoothes skin
  • Calms redness and irritation
  • Helps accelerate the natural repair process
  • Balances skin’s natural pH
  • Prepares skin for maximum absorption of moisturizer and serums



Apply after cleanser



Saturate a cotton ball with toner and apply to face in a circular motion, avoiding eye area. Follow with a moisturizer. Recommended for use on all skin types.



Mya Lee Skincare's Vitamin Infused Toner is as close to the ocean as you can get for ultimate skincare benefits. Seaweed extract has a multitude of benefits for the skin. Redness and irritation are two major causes of premature aging in skin. The Natural Seaweed Extract Toner will calm any redness and irritation on contact due to the extract’s soothing properties.


Most toners are known to strip problematic skin of all oils to eliminate possible blemishes. The seaweed extract in this toner however, works with the skin to help balance the pH and promote your skin’s natural repair process.  By allowing the skin to naturally repair, regeneration of new skin cells results in younger, more radiant looking skin.


As an integral product of the ocean, seaweed extract contains an unparalleled amount of nutrients that will nourish and beautify the skin. Due to its wide range of benefits this toner is the perfect addition to any skincare regimen regardless of skin type.



Water, Hypnea Musciformis Extract, Sargassum Filipendula Extract, Sorbitol, Gellidiela Acerosa Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

Vitamin Infused Toner

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