About Mya Lee Skincare

Mya Lee Skincare is a unique line of all-natural, vegan skincare products. We distribute and sell skincare products for all skin types, made from the finest natural ingredients. Mya Lee was established to bring skin care solutions to those facing challenges such as acne, aging, or for those simply seeking to correct any skin imperfections. Mya Lee Skincare products are 100% natural and so mild it will be a soothing experience to any skin type.

In a market filled with skincare products made from harsh chemical ingredients that can cause a lot of dermatological complications, Mya Lee Skincare has come to present and offer a natural alternative suited for all skin types.

Mandy Wenis, founder of Mya Lee Skincare, spent many years chronically ill. She presented with symptoms that pointed at environmental toxins and food allergies as the cause. This was when she was inspired to startup an all-natural and gluten-free skincare product that will reduce environmental exposures to toxins and harsh chemicals that most skincare products currently on the market contain. Mandy, a mother of two daughters, Mya and Jaylee; also found herself challenged with finding appropriate products for her daughters as they also faced allergies to gluten. They were also challenged with finding 100% natural gluten free vegan products that would prevent allergic reactions, and that is when she found herself inspired to create skincare products that can also help the millions of individual faced with gluten allergies. Mandy decided to name the brand, Mya Lee Skincare, and kicked off this journey that has grown to become the solution to all skincare needs.


Why Choose Mya Lee Skincare

All Mya Lee Skincare products are made from 100% natural ingredients and have been proven to be curative for a wide range of skincare concerns including acne, wrinkles, and signs of aging. With its 100% natural ingredients, Mya Lee Skincare products are the best choice for those who want to look younger, maintain healthy and glowing skin, and unlock their inner beauty.

At Mya Lee Skincare, we believe in spotless and flawless skin. You will find that all of our products are fortified with the active ingredients needed to tackle all skincare concerns and rejuvenate your natural beauty.

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